Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A short book review, plus my poem/micro fiction, and tidbits

The silkworm By Robert Gailbraith. 4 Stars.

I enjoyed the book set in London, and the nostalgia for my own hometown made the read more pleasant, especially the pub scenes. The detective's life style, his office and team, kept my interest, along with the plot. My only quibble, it was beginning to get a little long. I felt it never really needed the extra pages. I started to loose interest with the dreary, depressing side of London. As it dragged on, I started to skip and jump pages to see how it ends. This might easily happen if I have another stack of books in front of me to read. However, the characters were interesting and memorable. The story finished well, in an excellent style of writing. It also has a great cover that suits the story well.

From the damp, gloom of London, I suggest an uplifting read to warmer climates is best after reading this one.

For those of you interested in reading more from this author, here's the USA amazon link:

The Freedom Trail
by (C) Jacqueline Howett. 2016
Revised poem from the 90's

I took the freedom trail offered,
Merged its essence into my world,
Happiness greets my new freedom,
I'm now among working people,
Where I've learnt to be ever so humble.

       But there...
On the street- is the wolf,
His at the door, enticing me
toward the edge.

I discern, I might be facing to entertain
here and there, some fleeting ghost
wanting to play Tomfoolery.

Finally, they pass.

My happy go lucky nature- returns to remind me,
I am a warrior of the brave,
My soul can face the way.

Feel deep,
Feel the light.

The newcomers-- they have arrived.
It is here among them, I greet my destiny.

My latest, delicious health smoothie ingredients.

Half a banana, one apple, 2 cups of frozen pineapple, Two big tablespoon scoops of Greek yogurt, 1 inch of fresh ginger, sliced up. One and a half cups of water.

Garden Lovers

My garden in pots is a wonderful place where I hang out for soothing the soul. It also brings me instant gratification. You get to see the results within a few months, unlike my writings that take years. To know I'm eating a tomato from a seed, how cool is that? I got more than one hundred and sixty tomatoes, and there's still some left on the vine. I placed them in pots around the swimming pool patio -deck poles. They were suppose to be two feet high, but they grew to six feet. My strawberries are doing well, but they are sparingly giving.

Anyone for Tennis?
I managed to fit in a bit of time to catch up on the Paris tennis on TV. I enjoy a little tennis. I lived close by as a kid to Wimbledon Tennis courts in London, England. So close, I could hear the clapping of the crowd. The tennis courts are in a valley, so the echo of clapping hands travel. Sad, Williams never got the trophy.

My writings.
Quote: Everything has its season.
I have been working through some new ideas, and have managed to fill in some sketches to them while editing some major works. I  have also compiled a book of flash fiction, and started on some new novels in varied genre along with shorts. I'm also going back and forth editing several poetry books.

Here's a shout out to a nice link for Books  Lovers
Book chase- has a wonderful Pulitzer Prize Fiction listing link, you might want to check out.

I'm sorry I have no art works to show you at this time. I have painted a few new paintings, but I still need to photograph them properly, before any public viewing.

Well, its time for me to sign off, so I'll say, don't forget to enjoy life's little moments each day whenever possible, wherever life takes you, and whatever you're doing. Love who you are-and try to be strong. The world might not always be what we expect, but its still an amazing universe. Can you believe, here in Florida there are some cars now already on
the road that don't need a driver. That is pretty-Wow!