Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New e-mail update, a book review, and fun links with some useful writer links, WIP. If Time serves me well.....

                       Thought of the day: Take your time, just don't waste your time.  J. Howett

(C) photo by Jacqueline Howett  WIP

 I'll be catching up on a little more reading, writing and editing.

I had a period reading other authors for a solid few months, and it served as a great inspiration to my own creating and editing. I'm still reading, but I've slowed down some in order to focus on some writing. My book review selection today is:

Innocence by Dean Koontz.

What an extraordinary story. It wasn't easy jumping into this book right away. I had moments of picking it up and putting it down. Hard to grasp at first with the eeriness and the way Dean Koontz tells the story in past tense, then present in alternating chapters. Soon enough, I was completely captivated and could not stop reading. It was different from anything I have read. The unfolding concept toward the end is well worth sticking through it to get there. It has so much depth it makes you think about certain things on other levels. The writing is excellent and memorable. The essence of this story stayed with me long after. Highly recommend it.

To buy or view further, click on Amazon's link below.


As of June my new e-mail is

JacauelinehowettAT gmail DOT com

Any hotmail connections should be erased. Thanks.



Some helpful blogs for authors I've been stalking.

Helping writers become authors.

Fiction Factor has a nice feed on 1st person.

Jody Hedlund

Anne R Allen

More on the advantages of 1st person POV

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi

Kristen Lamb


Michael J. Sullivan's blog on POV is interesting.
also, a link on show and tell

Blood red pencil
 Check out their resource links.
How Layers Can Deepen Your Story’s Impact

Nathan Bransford
Nathan, has created a very nice listing. A one stop place for everything.

You might also want to check out Nathan's forum with your questions. There's also varied topics you can take part in. Here's the link.

More great sighting links to come, in my next post.

And here's a link for the fun of everyday living.
Photography, travel and places, people, relationships, beauty, fashion, and food. Hopefully, to inspire and motivate your zest for life. Enjoy!

Diana Mieczan' Blog   exPress-o  http://diana212m.blogspot.com/


Check out Karen Jones Gowen's blog,
Coming down the mountain: Ex pat writer Living Abroad.

Great photos of her new life in Guatemala.


Genie--Paris and Beyond.
Great photography! Worth taking a look.


 Twelve glorious days in France

This blog you must see.
Another Paris.

If you have any links to add to help authors, or fun links, please place them in the comments. Thanks.

 Here's wishing you all, a creative and blessed 2015!


. If Time serves me well.....

 I'll be catching up on a little more reading, writing and editing.

Note: As of April 2015, My new e-mail is jhowett13ATgmailDOTcom


       Here's wishing you all, a creative and blessed 2015!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Here's a quick, hearty soup recipe for these cold days! Enjoy!

(C) photo by Jacqueline Howett. Jacqueline's soup recipes

1 onion- chopped or diced.
1 or 2 garlic bulbs- chopped or diced.
saute them in a saucepan lightly.

Add a tin or two of okra with tomatoes.
Add a tin of white beans.
add a dash of basil, pepper, parsley.
add also a dash of onion powder (extra).

Add a handful or two of fresh spinach leaves- optional.

Add turkey meatballs -optional.
I use the frozen kind, microwave about 20 or so, for 3 minutes. Add to soup and cook for another 5 minutes.
Add a dash of parmeson cheese, and a dash of olive oil at the end of cooking.

Serve with crackers, plain bread, or rolls or garlic bread.

Really, so yummy!
And have a blessed 2014.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Holidays to you all!

Hi all!  I'm giving 30% off the mark up price on all my art prints for Xmas with this code: XSFKKB. They start at $36. Available from Fine Art America. Valid until the 28th December 2013.

Wishing you all the very best of the season!


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Title: Capricious. Art by Jacqueline Howett.


#7  Art by Jacqueline Howett  30% off all art prints.


Art created by Jacqueline Howett

Blessings to you all!

 Fine Art America

Just a note:
I know many of you are wondering where I've been for so long, and why isn't  my novel, The Greek Seaman back up on Smashwords and Amazon, but to to tell you the truth, my circumstances have been kind of tough lately. I've also been having some health issues on and off for a while now. I'm not good at telling the world this kind of news. I'm usually a private person, but it has interfered with my energy out-put, so I just wanted you all to know why. 
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!     JH


Saturday, July 20, 2013

A wonderful day to edit some shorts! Plus 2 interesting links!

My writing nook!

Yay! I'm happily cutting and re-shaping today various short stories. When you put it away in a drawer for a long while, it's amazing how much easier it is to cut massive sections to make it tighter.

Need I say more?

Happy writing or reading!

And I'll leave you now with a few links of interest!

A nice hang out!
Romanic Friday Writers is open to everyone. Join in, or simply just enjoy the read. Submit flash fiction, poetry, prose, WIP. A nice blog I found inspiring to read! The present theme is based on Honeymoon! So there's just two days left. You can also get critiqued, in part, by e-mail!  Check out the blog for more information.

To Pen name, or not to Pen name, that is the question!

I think you will find this an interesting read!

The murkey world of literary libel

Written by John Preston, of the Telegraph.

Lawsuits, pulped books, family rifts: when novelists base their characters on real people, trouble tends to follow. John Preston investigates literary libel.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Those of you interested in my art, here's my link to my art blog: http://jacquelinehowettart.blogspot.com/

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A poem by Jacqueline Howett

To whom this rhythm of our hearts seek?

Art work by (c) Jacqueline Howett

To whom this rhythm of our hearts speak?
To whom the river of our hearts to seek?
Amidst the empty shell now peaceful sleep,
No longer flow the tears on earth to weep,
A new beginning, a new peak to reach,
The struggles upon upward climbs, who greets?
And this revealing light beneath my feet,
Each step knows we have crossed a timeless fleet.

(c) By Jacqueline Howett

Art work by (c) Jacqueline Howett

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comments are always appreciated!

Art lovers- This weeks Tuesdays Art View painting is titled - Capricious.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Art is now available as prints at Fine Art America

I'm sure you have all noticed, how much I've been into an art craze, lately. Its been lots of fun changing hats for a while. Well, I just wanted everyone to know,  you can purchase my prints for as low as $36. Greeting cards, poster, canvas and metal media are also available.

 Most Tuesdays I have an art view of my art on my art blog:          http://jacquelinehowettart.blogspot.com/

Title: colored gold. Acrylic on canvas. (c) Jacqueline Howett
            The original is also available for 'Colored Gold'  Size w:16" X H:20" X 05" Price:$1,600 It was created with thick texture, and heavy layers of acrylics on a black background.  Prints now available at Fine art america. Contact me by e-mail for the original. 
                                            Fine Art America - Prints

Title: Warrior. Art Print  now available at Jacqueline Howett (c)  Fine Art America. Original NFS.

   Fine Art America - Prints

Contact: jacquelinehowett@yahoo.com

                                                Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like the art!

       If you're passing by facebook, I'd appreciate your liking my art fan page. Thanks Jacqueline.


Friday, May 24, 2013

MEDIUM SWEET, A poem by Jacqueline Howett

(c) photo of Jacqueline Howett.

An evening at the beach, we sit in the sand,
to finish quietly our expensive ice-creams.
I sigh, feeling my man’s tiredness tonight.
  I realize not to expect any romantic moments.
Your absence is not about me, but life,
Your career- taking all you’ve got.
The same old grind, I must bear to watch.
Should I show compassion?
Best to keep love in perspective, to get
me through this lonely, strangeness,
  luring about tonight.

Our souls know each other well,
like these distant stars.
We are worn out glue, holding up
the backdrop of these hazy, skies.
I could float off through a million galaxies,
But the empty void would not suffice,

You’ll return, when it suits you,
to play your part in my heart.
I’ll catch your love, as if it were
a precious butterfly, I must behold.
Once captured, I can do nothing
but smile, and look with wonder at
you, a tiny creature in my hand,
in a universe so much greater.
You represent time fleeting, amidst
feelings I know instinctively must
come to pass.

Maybe you are my test
in the infinite. Maybe not.
Sometimes the Gods make you blind of me,
in your many facets, when you
must play your arduous part.
I do not correct them. I watch with
my inner eye- like you,
to act out our roles, as if having
to submit to some duty. I know there
is a higher purpose to reflect,
but that, I cannot honor at this hour.
I feel the muses sitting within, watching.
Curious to how we shall act our parts;
especially when feeling contrary.

In the empty void, a weighty, single tear forms;
Bouncing off my cheek, it drops to my lap.
I question again what is real,
Is this the tear of the muse?
 or mine?
Then I find it funny how this tear, my man
could never see. I ponder with
some consolation; for it’s not so bitter.
In my wisdom, these reflections turn
a refine, medium sweet. But can it really be,
that all this ado, is but to condition the soul?

( Note: This poem I wrote some years ago!)