Saturday, July 25, 2015

A book review, and an awesome Great sightings poetry link from a poet I admire.

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While I continue creating and editing, I leave you with a awesome poetry blog link, from a poet I admire, and another book review. Enjoy.

The Valley of Amazement By Amy Tan. 5 stars.

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What a charming read. Amy Tan managed to transport me to a faraway land, old China, and the struggle of a Geisha girl and the choices she made that obscured her fate, yet captivates the valor and strength to survive in spite of the odds. She portrayed this life style at the turn of the century with amazing charisma. The blatant sex surprised me a little, but overall I concluded it made this type of story more real. It was daring of Amy Tan to portray the naked truth. The history and her characters were captivating and memorable. I enjoyed learning the details of the various levels in this profession amidst this culture. I felt it could have been a shorter novel. I started to grow tired toward the end and wanted their ordeal to be finished already. It is an impressive and unique story, beautifully told. The writing, without a doubt is excellent.

For those of you interested in viewing more, here is Amy Tan's USA Amazon link.

Great sightings

Awesome Poetry Blog link- Shadow.

I would also like to give a shout out to a wonderful poet, I admire, named Shadow, and hope you will visit and read some of her awesome poetry at her blog. She sure knows how to reach the core of your soul. And she places up some amazing images with her poems.


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I've decided to continue showing the helpful author links and fun links from my last post for convenience sake at the bottom of my post, this time around while I work on my own WIP. And I may just add a few more to the list later. They are always handy to just click on to see what new updates everyone's talking about.

Jacqueline Howett's WIP. (C) photo J. Howett. 2015.

So here are some helpful blogs for authors I've been stalking.

Helping writers become authors.

Fiction Factor has a nice feed on 1st person.

Jody Hedlund

Anne R Allen

More on the advantages of 1st person POV

Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi

Kristen Lamb

Michael J. Sullivan's blog on POV is interesting.
also, a link on show and tell

Blood red pencil
 Check out their resource links.
How Layers Can Deepen Your Story’s Impact

Nathan Bransford
Nathan, has created a very nice listing. A one stop place for everything.

You might also want to check out Nathan's forum with your questions. There's also varied topics you can take part in. Here's the link.

More great sighting links to come, in my next post.

And here's a link for the fun of everyday living.
Photography, travel and places, people, relationships, beauty, fashion, and food. Hopefully, to inspire and motivate your zest for life. Enjoy!

Diana Mieczan' Blog   exPress-o


Check out Karen Jones Gowen's blog,
Coming down the mountain: Ex pat writer Living Abroad.

Great photos of her new life in Guatemala.

Genie--Paris and Beyond.
Great photography! Worth taking a look.

 Twelve glorious days in France

This blog you must see.
Another Paris.

 If you have any links to add to help authors, or fun links, please place them in the comments. Thanks.

 Here's wishing you all, a creative and blessed 2015!