Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Holidays to you all!

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Wishing you all the very best of the season!


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Title: Capricious. Art by Jacqueline Howett.


#7  Art by Jacqueline Howett  30% off all art prints.


Art created by Jacqueline Howett

Blessings to you all!

 Fine Art America

Just a note:
I know many of you are wondering where I've been for so long, and why isn't  my novel, The Greek Seaman back up on Smashwords and Amazon, but to to tell you the truth, my circumstances have been kind of tough lately. I've also been having some health issues on and off for a while now. I'm not good at telling the world this kind of news. I'm usually a private person, but it has interfered with my energy out-put, so I just wanted you all to know why. 
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A wonderful day to edit some shorts! Plus 2 interesting links!

My writing nook!

Yay! I'm happily cutting and re-shaping today various short stories. When you put it away in a drawer for a long while, it's amazing how much easier it is to cut massive sections to make it tighter.

Need I say more?

Happy writing or reading!

And I'll leave you now with a few links of interest!

A nice hang out!
Romanic Friday Writers is open to everyone. Join in, or simply just enjoy the read. Submit flash fiction, poetry, prose, WIP. A nice blog I found inspiring to read! The present theme is based on Honeymoon! So there's just two days left. You can also get critiqued, in part, by e-mail!  Check out the blog for more information.

To Pen name, or not to Pen name, that is the question!

I think you will find this an interesting read!

The murkey world of literary libel

Written by John Preston, of the Telegraph.

Lawsuits, pulped books, family rifts: when novelists base their characters on real people, trouble tends to follow. John Preston investigates literary libel.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Those of you interested in my art, here's my link to my art blog:

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A poem by Jacqueline Howett

To whom this rhythm of our hearts seek?

Art work by (c) Jacqueline Howett

To whom this rhythm of our hearts speak?
To whom the river of our hearts to seek?
Amidst the empty shell now peaceful sleep,
No longer flow the tears on earth to weep,
A new beginning, a new peak to reach,
The struggles upon upward climbs, who greets?
And this revealing light beneath my feet,
Each step knows we have crossed a timeless fleet.

(c) By Jacqueline Howett

Art work by (c) Jacqueline Howett

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Art lovers- This weeks Tuesdays Art View painting is titled - Capricious.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Art is now available as prints at Fine Art America

I'm sure you have all noticed, how much I've been into an art craze, lately. Its been lots of fun changing hats for a while. Well, I just wanted everyone to know,  you can purchase my prints for as low as $36. Greeting cards, poster, canvas and metal media are also available.

 Most Tuesdays I have an art view of my art on my art blog:

Title: colored gold. Acrylic on canvas. (c) Jacqueline Howett
            The original is also available for 'Colored Gold'  Size w:16" X H:20" X 05" Price:$1,600 It was created with thick texture, and heavy layers of acrylics on a black background.  Prints now available at Fine art america. Contact me by e-mail for the original. 
                                            Fine Art America - Prints

Title: Warrior. Art Print  now available at Jacqueline Howett (c)  Fine Art America. Original NFS.

   Fine Art America - Prints


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Friday, May 24, 2013

MEDIUM SWEET, A poem by Jacqueline Howett

(c) photo of Jacqueline Howett.

An evening at the beach, we sit in the sand,
to finish quietly our expensive ice-creams.
I sigh, feeling my man’s tiredness tonight.
  I realize not to expect any romantic moments.
Your absence is not about me, but life,
Your career- taking all you’ve got.
The same old grind, I must bear to watch.
Should I show compassion?
Best to keep love in perspective, to get
me through this lonely, strangeness,
  luring about tonight.

Our souls know each other well,
like these distant stars.
We are worn out glue, holding up
the backdrop of these hazy, skies.
I could float off through a million galaxies,
But the empty void would not suffice,

You’ll return, when it suits you,
to play your part in my heart.
I’ll catch your love, as if it were
a precious butterfly, I must behold.
Once captured, I can do nothing
but smile, and look with wonder at
you, a tiny creature in my hand,
in a universe so much greater.
You represent time fleeting, amidst
feelings I know instinctively must
come to pass.

Maybe you are my test
in the infinite. Maybe not.
Sometimes the Gods make you blind of me,
in your many facets, when you
must play your arduous part.
I do not correct them. I watch with
my inner eye- like you,
to act out our roles, as if having
to submit to some duty. I know there
is a higher purpose to reflect,
but that, I cannot honor at this hour.
I feel the muses sitting within, watching.
Curious to how we shall act our parts;
especially when feeling contrary.

In the empty void, a weighty, single tear forms;
Bouncing off my cheek, it drops to my lap.
I question again what is real,
Is this the tear of the muse?
 or mine?
Then I find it funny how this tear, my man
could never see. I ponder with
some consolation; for it’s not so bitter.
In my wisdom, these reflections turn
a refine, medium sweet. But can it really be,
that all this ado, is but to condition the soul?

( Note: This poem I wrote some years ago!)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


                                   TO MAKE A WARRIORS SOUL.

Original greeting card created by (c) Jacqueline Howett. From the Cards By Jacq Collection.

In my native land,
they tell stories
of the never ending road,
that they have travelled on.
They want me to know
about the why
that I am being here.
They look at me
and I see their hidden tears.
They have gathered, everyone of them,
feathers for my journey.
They talk of the heart
I will come to know.
That will break first,
in order to be strong,
to make a Warrior's soul.

Copyright (c) 2008-2013  Jacqueline Howett



Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Jacqueline's fish, vege  garlic soup.
 I usually cook this soup, once a week.

Cut up 3 large carrots, 2 celery, 1 onion, and boil in a quarter of water in a medium saucepan. When they really start to cook, add 1 chopped potato, then 1 green and yellow zukini, (optional.) Or any other vege you desire. Add a few bulbs of garlic, (also optional.)

Add herbs: dash of pepper, marjoram, dash of cilantro, oregano, thyme, (Tiny dash of salt - optional.)

Top up with 1/4 of vege broth, or chicken broth. I like using vege broth.
Add a piece of Cod or Haddock, or any other white fish you like. Cook until fish breaks up. Voila!

I like to eat this soup mostly clear, but you can add cream if you like, or a dash of milk, with a nob of butter at this stage, or if you prefer it red, just add tomato sauce or just a tin of crushed tomatoes, and a tiny dash of tabasco.

Serve in bowl, drizzled with olive oil and stir.  I like to pour in the olive oil last, these days, to get the full benifit from the oil, as heating olive oil on high heat is no good for you, apparently. (Dash of lemon juice - optional).


Sunday, April 21, 2013

SUNDAY ART VIEW - Jacqueline Howett

Welcome to Sunday Art view!  Every Sunday I show a piece of art work at my new art blog. Click on link to be re-directed. Thanks for stopping by!

ART ON SUNDAY - 04/21/13  (c) By Jacqueline Howett. #22. Acrylic on canvass. Size: 16: X 20" Price: 450.


Link to be redirected to my art blog: SUNDAY ART VIEW

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inspirational piece on "Detachment" by Jacqueline Howett

Buddha-Detachment.  Photograph by (c) Jacqueline Howett.


I took this picture while living in Maine. I placed a huge Buddha under a tree, next to my herb garden. It was a time in my life I wanted to understand detachment from all things, feelings, etc., and letting go of all I had learnt, or processed through my life up to that point. I was seemingly opening my mind to see various points of view that I was normally closed to.

Funny enough, it was a time I still went to church every now and then. One day, after a period of time had elapsed in my growth, I sat in church and a strange impression came over me. I had a shaved head like a Buddhist monk. I think I knew then my initiation was over. Soon after, I left Maine and came to live in Florida. Florida had been a state I was thinking I might go to live, after I found myself shovelling snow for the first time. But before all that happened, I thought I heard Jesus talking to me, saying, it was okay to be with Buddha and other spiritual roads of understanding for a while, but in the end he knew I was from his flock. 

It was a time my mother had just died, and when I first came to that house, I remember digging my herb garden with just a tiny, table spoon. Everyone told me to use the garden tools in the garage, but I wasn't there yet. I was thinking maybe of my mother as I turned the soil. However, later, I did use the tools and created a beautiful garden of serenity. It was also a time of amazing creativity in my life. Everything I did was not planned, it just happened spontaneously. I think I had for a time, everything I ever wanted, but I still felt empty in the big picture of the world. I still hadn't fully realised all. Looking back, I had awkward, uncomfortable parts about myself, something inside that was holding back, and I also realised how shallow I still felt about certain issues. There were other times I felt like Alice in Wonderland. I had a certain stage fright about facing reality in my learning new ropes. In many ways the pendulum can swing the other way, by being to detached from reality, or the world. I guess my journey at that point could only go so far. 

It's true to a degree, that saying, "You can only understand life backwards." I had so much to be thankful for back then, but I was still not developed enough. I realised little things about myself. How critical I could be about the lives of others. (Much of this from how I was brought up, that I was now peeling away, but it was hard to do.) Wisdom takes time, and much of that may hopefully develop with age. Each segment of our lives is a gift. And yes, maybe it's not seen to be so at the time. We only have to look at the way everyone thought in the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, wow!

Anyway, it was a time I had nothing. It was like living in an invisible world, (Detached.) And yet, in a few short years I had accomplished so much. I was given so much of what I always wanted. But most of all, the "time" and "space" to do it- in various pockets of time with a certain ease. I created art cards and sold them in book/gift stores. (This I remember I always wanted to do, ever since a very young girl. I had passed a shop outside of a London Museum that sold geometric looking art cards. OMG! I knew I wanted to do that! I recognised it in my soul, but had no words for it at the time, or how it would come about. Then out of the blue, as a matured woman, I had art exhibitions, wrote novels, poetry, created my poetry book and placed that in local stores, I had become quite the gourmet cook, I biked around Maine and enjoyed the scenic wonders with my health at its Marathon peak, and I had suddenly acquired friends who I went to dinner with, or hang out with.

 I basically got the things I thought every normal human being had. I was living the dream to a degree. Life was good living in the moment. And yet, every now and then, there was an undercurrent reminding me there was more to it. A wild in me, still searching in my soul. More living to do.
I think what I'm trying to say, is that there are times in our lives when everything comes together. Passages of time when you get to experience all those things you felt in your soul you wanted. Not all at once, but over a time span. And then there are other times, nothing happens, it might seem. There's another learning process going on, unconsciously. And here I guess I shall place the quote: "When you learn not to want things so badly, life comes to you."

There are some places, and people in our lives, more so than others, that seem to have passed on to us the best of memories, and who took part in the unfolding of many of our dreams, without our realising it until much later.

Did you get to do all the things in your life yet? or are you still waiting? No, it's not a bucket list, necessarily. Most things will come in some shape or form. How they come as we grow, is another matter. What was it that you really wanted and got? And once you had it, how did it make you feel? Were you still empty inside? Did the glory moment pass all too quickly to really complete you and make you satisfied? Or was it a wow moment? How long did it last?  Here's the key. "The essence of the way is detachment."

On the other hand, you'll get to experience things, you never thought of doing, like maybe a ride in a hot air balloon or something. (Maybe that will have more to do with getting a grand picture of things, or how wonderful life can be, or how small we are, or simply about overcoming certain fears.) At other times a lesson might turn into a gift. Actually, detachment has many meanings, when I think about it, but I just can't express them all into words, as they float on by- right now. We live in a time when we want everything "now." Maybe detachment is learning to let go a little more, or not hold the reigns of life too tightly, or it maybe a way of thinking you're ready to let go of towards a greater realisation of self, or it might be in this day and age a greater detachment from social networking. A relationship. And the big one is, finding a new way to breaking bad habits.

I'm sure many of you will have your own version of detachment that will trigger off thoughts that you never thought would be connected to such a word, like some of my versions. Whatever detachment is to you, I hope at some point it will make your life better.

I've started one of those creative visual boards. You know, where you cut out pictures of stuff you still want to see happening in your life on to a board. I guess you could do the same by cutting and pasting images from the net, and create a collage visual board that way too into a document.

Enjoy your week! Jacqueline Howett