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Insecure Writers Support Group: I'm still pondering deep POV.

 Really, this is not being lazy about posting something new, it's where I'm at for a time in my head, pondering deeply, deep-POV.  I also thought, due to so many authors lately seem to have become interested again in this subject- as I am,  I decided to make this 'a repost' for the group. After all, this is no simple matter. This stuff takes a while to sink in. So the more versions we have to understand this- the better!

Is your published novel a good example of deep POV? If so, you just might make a sale today from a curious author/reader when you leave a comment here today. You have got to admit, it does make for a good sales pitch!

Thanks guys! Happy Blog hopping- I'll be seeing you around!

Pondering - deep POV.

So, today I'm giving out reminders to some great links to these deep POV examples and their meanings, by showcasing two authors who both have novels out this month -who use deep POV in their novels.

Before re-editing some of my 'other' novels, I hope by then, some of these 'deep POV' examples rubs off on me. For now, I'm still soaking it up, pondering deeply. It will be a good thing to grasp completely, and know where to use it, and add them before my final umpteenth draft.

For the most part it's really to just become more aware when and where I'm doing this- already. As for the first draft, I will just write away, as usual, any -old how. Although I hear it isn't neccesary to add 'deep POV' often, one should know when and where to use it. Using 'deep POV' in one's novel is to make your characters stand out just a little more for the reader, so they fall in love with them more, or at least come to know them better, as one practices the art of show and don't tell.

Here are few links with some great examples that I've checked out today, for those writers who are just finding out what it all means, or for those who feel they need this reminder to brush up their present, or next novel. You might want to book mark it, as you might want to refer to it at times.


Pamela S. Meyers expresses deep POV in a few, good, simple examples at seriouslywrite. Her latest novel titled, THYME FOR LOVE was just out this November 2011. 

How Deep POV Helped Me Achieve Publication by Pamela S. Meyers

Click on link below, for the long version review by Angie Arndt from her blog; joy on the back roads. I quote a line here from her review.

Pamela S. Meyers’ use of deep point-of-view and descriptive techniques drew me into the book and didn’t let me go.

As well as being good reads, to read these mentioned  authors books, might proove to be good examples to understanding deep POV,

Camy Tang has a great link on deep POV. She has written a series on this subject. It's an old link, but very 'now', and worth checking it out to book mark it.

Camy Tang also has her latest novel out today 2011, titled, Protection For Hire. To read up on her book excerpt launch, snip bits, and other buyers links, click here at her site called Camy's Loft:

Buy at Amazon:

My inspiration for this blog came from The writers alley.
(Inspirational Tips right up your alley.)

They also have some really great helpful comments and links on this very subject, and they are really a nice bunch to hook up with.

What is Your Novel Missing? Deep POV

I have Cindy R. Wilson to thank for this blog, and for igniting my flame to write it actually. She is also an aspiring author,  She is one of the contributers at The writers Alley. It was through her other blog at blogspot I found The Writers Alley.  Cindy has a wonderful blog that is very helpful for writers in their novel process, from the Anatomy of a scene, to plotting your novel, and much more.  So do check out her side bar on her blog. I hope you find it helpful in your novel process.

Cindy is a very interesting lady. Check out this link where she was interviewed on all the many books she has written.

Feel free to mention your own novel, or someone else's novel, or another blog in the comments section,  if you think it is a good example of deep POV.

Good luck to you all! No doubt, before long, all this deep POV, will sink in...


Previous blog post comments on this subject:

Thank you so much for the mention, Jacqueline! You're right, deep POV really sucks the reader in and can be very effective for mysteries, thrillers, romances, etc. I need to go back through my work-in-progress and take the point of view deeper, too. Thanks again and good luck with your writing!

Angie Arndt

Jacqueline, it was great to hear from you and thanks so much for the shout out. I love when we writers can help each other out. Deep POV used to be a challenging concept for me, and I'm still learning. I get to put it to use with my WIP pretty soon once I start editing it. Can't wait! I hope you have a great week!

Cindy R Wilson

Thanks so much for mentioning both my book and my articles, Jacqueline! Camy

Camy Tang

I LOVE writing in Deep POV. To me, it's as close as 1st person. I've got a handout on my blog, and will be doing a class in February at Savvy Authors if anyone's interested. Terry

Although I don't always do it, I also love writing deep POV. Thanks for the examples and links.

Lynda R Young.

Deep POV is great; I really enjoy it. Thanks for the book suggestions on it!

Talli Rolland.

Hello! Thanks for the links, I'll have to go and check them out.

Michelle Dennis Evans.

hey! now i've got me some reading to do *grin*... thanks for the links. and your visit and comment. much appreciated!


I've never heard of 'deep pov,' before. Perhaps I simply call it something else, like multi-dimensional characterization. Nancy

Nancy R. Williams.



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