Saturday, June 29, 2013

A poem by Jacqueline Howett

To whom this rhythm of our hearts seek?

Art work by (c) Jacqueline Howett

To whom this rhythm of our hearts speak?
To whom the river of our hearts to seek?
Amidst the empty shell now peaceful sleep,
No longer flow the tears on earth to weep,
A new beginning, a new peak to reach,
The struggles upon upward climbs, who greets?
And this revealing light beneath my feet,
Each step knows we have crossed a timeless fleet.

(c) By Jacqueline Howett

Art work by (c) Jacqueline Howett

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Art lovers- This weeks Tuesdays Art View painting is titled - Capricious.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Art is now available as prints at Fine Art America

I'm sure you have all noticed, how much I've been into an art craze, lately. Its been lots of fun changing hats for a while. Well, I just wanted everyone to know,  you can purchase my prints for as low as $36. Greeting cards, poster, canvas and metal media are also available.

 Most Tuesdays I have an art view of my art on my art blog:

Title: colored gold. Acrylic on canvas. (c) Jacqueline Howett
            The original is also available for 'Colored Gold'  Size w:16" X H:20" X 05" Price:$1,600 It was created with thick texture, and heavy layers of acrylics on a black background.  Prints now available at Fine art america. Contact me by e-mail for the original. 
                                            Fine Art America - Prints

Title: Warrior. Art Print  now available at Jacqueline Howett (c)  Fine Art America. Original NFS.

   Fine Art America - Prints


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