Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sorry, for not being around much lately!

Here on the beach, you'll see plenty of mail boxes painted this way! (C) Photo by jacqueline Howett

My computer has been running real slow, and hasn't allowed me to comment much on your blogs. I hope to sort it out soon! It has however, given me time to do other things for a change, and to reflect on every day things that have been neglected so long. I am kind of enjoying this new phase with not being online so much. Well, whatever you're doing, have a great weekend!

(C)  Photo by Jacqueline Howett  


Monday, August 15, 2011

I could sure do with some comments at Amazon or Smashwords from those who enjoy my poetry!

My poetry E-book Amorphous Angelic is free at Smashwords this week in most formats.Grab a copy while you can- Enjoy!

Here's the link to my free E-book:

I've decided to keep my poetry free for the rest of the week. I know many of you have enjoyed my poetry, and for those of you who do enjoy my poems, I hope you can take the time to leave a comment of my book, now that it is free, and give it your star rating at Amazon, in hope to balance things out with the present 5 graffiti comments I can't seem to rid of for the moment, that occured from my mishap in March.

I can't unpublish the book due to it being published in soft cover prior, and someone has taken upon themselves to try and sell copies for $99 dollars on my site. Ridiculous that Amazon allows it!   However, I do hope to solve this soon with Amazon, but its a process.

Meanwhile, some real comments and stars will help the ratings of my poetry book. Thanks guys! J.H.

If you like, you can also leave a comment at Smashwords.

Really, I appreciate the time you put into this!

Ebook Description

Amorphous Angelic, selected poems by Jacqueline Howett are metaphysical poems of wisdom, death, rebirth, the inner workings of the souls journey. Love, inspiration, wonder, visions, hope, faith &, connecting to the higher self. They speak of the sad & strange, and elevating out of darkness to reveal the mystery of life. Written in England, before Howett moved to America.


There I seek you along your way,
A troubled heart, no longer say,
You did your best in those dread times,
And now you rest in heavens chimes,
Gone has the wind of yesteryear,
Far in the echoes that you seer,
Another hand awaits your love,
Through passing clouds appears a dove,
With a message from above.

Copyright © 1983-2011 Jacqueline Howett


A new life blooms in heavens light,
Across horizons, love takes flight,
Eternal brightness, loves kindness,
Your heart moves amongst the righteous,
New songs you sing and act the part,
With divine presence in your heart,
With all nobleman, kings and queens,
Shine your presence in their esteem,
Heavens powers your life redeems.

Copyright © 1983-2011 Jacqueline Howett


A clear pure way your soul now tread,
A guiding star your heart has wed,
Your find another in God’s state,
Have ‘faith’ along the road that waits,
Heaven opens to you her gates,
Where ‘hope’ and ‘faith’ meet now your fate,
This is a new life for your sake,
To you God gives,
For man to take.

Copyright © 1983-2011 Jacqueline Howett


Now love has bloomed in heavens light,
Happiness prevails, future flight,
Know and reap spiritual delights,
Mortal men that praise in your sight,
Immortal blessings amidst flesh,
Spirits hold power with life and death,
To hold Gods love is your request,
Rise to a higher consciousness.

Copyright © 1983-2011 Jacqueline Howett


Hold faith with souls amidst the vastness,
Waiting to be comforted through being,
A movement contemplates human kindness,
Bringing Gods powerful plans to rejoice,
With the bliss of heaven who comforts,
Stars explode to bring ripples of news to human ears,
And the universe delights.

Copyright © 1983-2011 Jacqueline Howett

Have a nice week!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After hearing about the London riots, this poem came to mind,

© Photography by Jacqueline Howett.
Shafts of light,
Discerning the light of truth,
Man's higher self,
Delicately evolving,
Slips out of reach,
Yet in man's hope and faith,
There's a glimpse,
Of our maker's wondrous treasure of light,
Smiling at it's certainty,
Amidst the darkness, decay, destruction and struggle.

 Metamorphosis was published in the first edition of The Taj Mahal Review (Anthology).

Metamorphosis, a poem by Jacqueline Howett ©1999-2011 Jacqueline Howett.

Being a London girl at heart, the riots in London sure makes me think- what is really going on in the whole world. I remember so many of these places that are now getting hit. It's just too sad, and for the moment overwhelming, but not all is to be viewed so negatively. If you visit Talli Roland's blog, she's showing a positive, magical and romantic side to London while celibrating her anniversary. Here's the link. It will also cheer you up.

Stay safe. Have a nice cuppa tea! I love Earl gray tea, Breakfast tea and orange pekoe with a dash of milk and honey.


For those of you who still want to see the latest gore on the London riots, here's the link to the newspaper, The Telegraph. Some of the comments to the post are very interesting.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From my desk. Writers Beware! A little reminder about the Jodi Reamer agent hoax from Writers House.

Some of you self published authors may be getting a hoax e-mail about possible representation from the agent Jodi Reamer. If you do get one, please double check the e-mail, and then it's best to just call Writers House to reconfirm. This may also change to other agents and companies, and their e-mails composed differently, depending who the target is, so be on the alert!

Yes, it's silly stuff.

Have a great week everyone, and the very best to you all in your writing careers!

For more updates on this matter, check out the link here, I think Victoria Strauss covers it all, so I'll end it here. 

Thanks also, to all those writers who have alerted me.

Jacqueline Howett

The Cruelest Hoax. by Victoria Strauss for Writers beware.

Publisher Lunch: Writers House has learned...