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My poetry video reading with excerpts and tidbits. Enjoy!

Video reading from Amorphous Angelic, Selected Poems, by Jacqueline Howett.

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Product Description

Amorphous Angelic, selected poems by Jacqueline Howett are Metaphysical poems of wisdom, death, rebirth, and the inner workings of the souls journey. They are also 35 selected poems of love, inspiration, wonder, visions, hope, faith and connecting to the higher self, the sad & strange, to elevating out of darkness to reveal the mystery of life. They cover an important time factor in the poets life between 1980-1985, and have remained her most memorable poems. They were to be the last poems  written from old England, before moving to America

Presently the Kindle free sample only gives you one poem. I shall try to reformat it so it shows at least another free poem. To sample a few more poems from the book, check out my official website from My other poetry.


Being in our time with life which remains

Being in our time with life which remains,
Sudden death we greet inside our fragile frames,
New seeds of life are death to higher planes,
Nobody wished before to have explained,
To counteract our existence with death,
This material corpse, our body frames,
Comes this magic 'life' which it contains,
In the cosmic state without the desire,
To acknowledge universal loving,
With life and death, new seeds grow to show,
And all that's required of our minds to know,
Death is the step in our many lives in breath,
In one body we meet there many times,
And life goes on and out once like a star.

Copyright ©1983-2012 Jacqueline Howett

Looking beyond this river from death's face

Looking beyond this river from death's face,
A clear pure warm sun is reaching out upon new life,
From distant lands its echo is carried.
Buzzing new life is near to tread once more,
Unhindered by its touch, this sun gives warning,
Distant new life looks upon steps in breath,
Upon healing scars warms this living flesh,
As marks of wisdom upon folly,
Cautious steps made are felt upon the heart,
Knowing the sun, moon and stars meet life as death,
Bravely walking through aware, unmasked,
Reveals a fret not to be feared,
As death's parade lurks about everywhere,
For it knows it carries you out of darkness,
That which bravely endured life's countless mistakes,
To reveal a true face, although grown rigid and tight,
Is born again, transformed in holy glory,
Reflecting self onto a mask that fits.

Immortality's fountain
Beyond mountain tops I did reach,
To a new world I did greet,
No fairer plains did I ever meet,
To challenge my wits as a passing fleet,
Oh! What treasures you now reveal,
Such splendor alone, secrets seal,
No man can utter what we feel,
Hearts true glory and soul that's real.
We freeze, yet move beyond the speed of light,
To experience alone gifts of sight.
Searing forever higher above the clouds,
Gone the illusions out of the shrouds,
With the truth one experiences alone;
And here the spiral from a timeless zone,
We end the story to the unknown,
Knowing it's faith that brings you home,
To immortality's fountain.
Copyright ©Jacqueline Howett 1984-2012

Hi guys!

Hope you enjoyed the poetry excerpts and video.  With time, maybe I shall be able to afford some dental implants that will give you all a better video face-lift of me. LOL.

I have to say, these old poems and the language I used in them way back then in England, made me realise how much I have evolved since living in America. Although I'm sure I would have still evolved just as much if I had lived in England. Its just that I wonder how I would have evolved. When I wrote them, I was stuck in the classics for a time. I remember I had some amazing hosts of spirits about me that put words in my head, and I had to keep looking up these new words in a dictionary to really see if I knew what they meant.
I had left the world of Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll, and crazy dancing for a night out in night clubs. Did  I mention dancing? Yeah, you have to know there was plenty of my creative dancing. LOL. I say it like that, as every time I hit the dance floor, it was like the red-sea opened up for me to give me space. I then covered all my mirrors of vanity, and only once in a while came back to play sounds like, Off The Wall by Pink Floyd while drinking a little too much wine. I played it just to remember what all that kind of music represented to me at the time. I was also just re-discovering my literary self, and how my life  had evolved into holding a pen constantly.

I became a celibate hermit and I loved it. I opened letters with a fancy knife letter opener, and polished my desk daily where my typewriter sat, playing classical music like, The four seasons by Vivaldi, or Brahms, and Jazz/Blues musicians like John Coltraine, Billy Holiday, and Nina Simmone. And oddly enough, this was the time I began playing the violin, and I picked up the flute again. I became a gourmet cook, experimenting on Arabic, and French, and Greek recipes from the countries I had visited, and places I had not visited, like India and China. I really had no problem cooking just for myself. It was just another one of my passions. Although I polished the furniture, I loved the cobwebs that had formed in the corners of the room. I was experiencing a major death/rebirth, in my redemption. I began collecting books like they were going out of fashion, while computers got busy emptying the shelves of hard copy data.

Really, the late 70's and early 80's were impressionable days.  I also think it was the thrill of re-discovering the writer in me, after a period of time with just living my crazy life. Like love when it first blooms, it's the wonder, that in-spite of  having lived through so many situations and circumstances, it was the writer within that seemed to have the greatest hold over me, returning to me like an old lost friend. At the time it seemed like I gave up the whole world for just pen and paper.

My other poetry books still in the works are titled, SANDS OF TIME and MY GREEKSIDE.

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  1. Really nice poems. I've never been good at poetry.

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  3. Really interesting Jacqueline - it certainly can't be said you have had a dull life. Florida must be a culture shock - love the poems.

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  7. Fun to watch the videos, but I love the printed verse.

  8. Thanks guys for stopping by, and for your comments. I really do appreciate it.