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Donald Wells- Sex Poems For Virgins, reviewed by Jacqueline Howett

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Donald Wells, captures so bravely the human quest-for the meaning of life.

Donald Wells', whimsical tone in these varied works titled; `Sex Poems For Virgins' (A compilation of unique poetry,) was a refreshing read that kept me hooked. I felt like a spectator on a soul journey throughout the different stages of a man's life.

I enjoyed his unique style. He questions existence with such raw emotion in the simple pleasures of life from adolescence and beyond. It's not all light-hearted and whimsical as you read toward the end segments of the book. His writings change some-what and become more metaphysical in style. The latter years of growth bring a deeper search of the self, with how people change on the subject of sex, love, life, death, having, loosing, confusion; as well as all the natural ailments that can happen to a man in a course of a life. However, it left me feeling encouraged all the same by the essence of love. This is a man who bares a beautiful soul- I felt I could relate with.

Also, the segments on marriage are to be envied. I felt I had come to know the author better in the way he'd managed to capture so bravely the human quest for the meaning of life. There are many passages and segments in this book I feel I will want to keep close, re-read and reflect upon. I look forward to reading more from this author and highly recommend this read. Don't let the title fool you. By the end of the read you might understand why he chose it.

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Donald Wells has written many novels, shorts and poems. Recently he has been writing another series to 'The Ocean Beach Island Series.'

Book Description:
SEX POEMS FOR VIRGINS is a collection of poems written by Donald Wells in rhyme. They are sometimes humorous, often unique and frequently thought provoking.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Proofreaders/Copyeditors wanted.

How do you choose the perfect proofreader/copyeditor?

Recently my concerns have been with my own search for a really good proofreader/copyeditor. I have been looking at the best sellers on Amazon, some by top publishers. Well, immediately I now look at their one and two star review section of the book. I’ve noticed on quite a few, how so many of these reviews were given for bad grammar, and yet, they remain to be top best sellers.  Now this is interesting, as well as comforting... And I can only wish I had all this kind of information say, about a year ago!

Then there are proofreader/copyeditors I have searched out with "author testimonials" who have  books up on Amazon, but one or two of these books edited were given one or two stars for bad grammar. Should one still gamble with that editor? After all, some of their other books they edited don’t have any mention of poor grammar. Should you still use them, and hope your book isn’t the one that gets the poor editing?  What do you think?

This isn't a post about editing yourself a zillion times, although that helps.  This is a post about choosing outside editing help.
Are copy editors/proof readers really an individual experience that’s so very different for everyone?

Some of you might not want to part with your proofreader/copyeditor. You might be happy with yours, and so, intend to keep them very busy with editing your own books only. She or he has enough clients, you might think. Believe me, that too I can understand:) I mean, who needs an overworked, tired proofreader, which now raises futher questions, if you see what I mean. 

But how do you decide on a good one? Do you think it’s a matter of paying the right price, or is that neither here, nor there?

Have prices in general become more reasonable since e-books? How much have you paid on a word count/page?

These are some baffling, important questions  for authors. You will also need in the process of working with a copyeditor, a certain kind of trust and lots of patience. And with all that is said and done, maybe one shouldn't worry so much about finding that ultimate perfectionist. You know, in some of those Arabic rugs, there is a tiny pair of scissors woven into the pattern of the rug, to show man's human imperfection. (It goes something like that- anyway.)

Well, I'm hoping to narrow my own search down to one or two. Do you have a great copyeditor/proofreader you would like to recommend, who also has many books up on Amazon from various authors? If you like, you can list it here in the comment section, or e-mail me privately.    subject line: copyeditor/proofreader.
If the same copyeditor/proofreader comes up often enough with a really good track record, that might be interesting.

Good Luck to all of you on that same road, and  happy blog hopping!

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Happy New Year every-one!

Love and Peace to you all- throughout 2012