Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After hearing about the London riots, this poem came to mind,

© Photography by Jacqueline Howett.
Shafts of light,
Discerning the light of truth,
Man's higher self,
Delicately evolving,
Slips out of reach,
Yet in man's hope and faith,
There's a glimpse,
Of our maker's wondrous treasure of light,
Smiling at it's certainty,
Amidst the darkness, decay, destruction and struggle.

 Metamorphosis was published in the first edition of The Taj Mahal Review (Anthology).

Metamorphosis, a poem by Jacqueline Howett ©1999-2011 Jacqueline Howett.

Being a London girl at heart, the riots in London sure makes me think- what is really going on in the whole world. I remember so many of these places that are now getting hit. It's just too sad, and for the moment overwhelming, but not all is to be viewed so negatively. If you visit Talli Roland's blog, she's showing a positive, magical and romantic side to London while celibrating her anniversary. Here's the link. It will also cheer you up.

Stay safe. Have a nice cuppa tea! I love Earl gray tea, Breakfast tea and orange pekoe with a dash of milk and honey.


For those of you who still want to see the latest gore on the London riots, here's the link to the newspaper, The Telegraph. Some of the comments to the post are very interesting.


  1. Oh, thank you for the shout-out, Jacqueline. I think it's important to focus on the positives right now.

    And that's a beautiful poem!

  2. That is a lovely poem. It does seem like the world is falling to pieces around us. Maybe it's just refurbishing itself through the process of change and when it's done everything will be that much better. I really hope. :)