Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From my desk. Writers Beware! A little reminder about the Jodi Reamer agent hoax from Writers House.

Some of you self published authors may be getting a hoax e-mail about possible representation from the agent Jodi Reamer. If you do get one, please double check the e-mail, and then it's best to just call Writers House to reconfirm. This may also change to other agents and companies, and their e-mails composed differently, depending who the target is, so be on the alert!

Yes, it's silly stuff.

Have a great week everyone, and the very best to you all in your writing careers!

For more updates on this matter, check out the link here, I think Victoria Strauss covers it all, so I'll end it here. 

Thanks also, to all those writers who have alerted me.

Jacqueline Howett

The Cruelest Hoax. by Victoria Strauss for Writers beware.

Publisher Lunch: Writers House has learned...


  1. Thanks for spreading the word. This hoaxer is so creepy!

  2. Thank you for commenting. I can add you too now. Have a great day!

  3. I'm also jealous that you're in Florida...spent most of life living in Tampa.

  4. People are just absurd playing with hearts of a writer that way. Seriously, what do they expect to gain? Thanks for sharing this, I didn't have a chance to check it out yesterday. :)