Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here's a book recommendation guys! Rock The Casbah By Robin Wright.

Given to reflections on the Arab world, this was a book I had seen around for a while, but it wasn't until it really came to my attention while watching T.V. and Charlie Rose was interviewing the author Robin Wright on her  book "Rock The Casbah," that I felt compelled to recommend it. And I think we have Charlie Rose to thank for bringing out the best in this author with all that is hope and light. She relates so well to what's going on in the Arab world, and I can say, I feel it has a wonderful refreshing view point- so spot on. She certainly has her finger on the pulse of the Arab world. She also speaks in simple terms that makes it all so easily understood, where others have failed to give such clarity in their feed back. I believe her book is a great stepping stone towards a clearer understanding, and it just might bring a more open re pore with the Arab world. There are so many nuggets to digest, like, "how it will take the Arabs a while as yet to arrive, and when they do, they will do it their way."

To quote here a sentence from her book, 

Two of the men were smoking hubbly-bubbly water pipes, "The jihadis have lost their appeal," reflected Khaled Al Maeena, the editor of the Arab news. 
     "Every mother in Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf country wants her son or daughter to carry a laptop rather than a rifle or a dagger," he said. "The appeal of death and destruction doesn't carry much significance anymore because the jihadis have failed to provide anything constructive."
The transformation did not happen suddenly.

To read more from the above excerpt, click here to read it on Amazon or download a free sample.

Why do we need to understand?
We need to feel comforted by the positive side to an extent- don't we? With this kind of understanding many might consider taking off their own army boots now. And who better to explain this, than Robin Wright- once you get to know her. Yes, many like myself are just beginning to play catch-up.

To know more about Robin or follow her links, please click on the wikipedia link below, or simply click on the guest/view link she had with Charlie Rose on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service).

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Jacqueline Howett


  1. This looks like a book that should be widely read. I have to say though, that my immature mind is going to have the Clash stuck in it all day...

  2. I enjoy this style of book so will take a look. Thanks for the recommendation, Jacqueline.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation and review.