Friday, May 6, 2011

In retrospect- Viral announcement! So sorry for swearing!

Concerning the Big AL mishap.  Here's my side to the story.

Jacqueline Howett is the author of  The Greek Seaman.

In retrospect- my public viral announcement!

I would like to say, I am so sorry, really, that you all had to hear me swear in public online. I usually don’t like swearing. So here you have it, my viral apology.  My public acting out was a mistake. 

Look, I don’t want to be seen as a trend setter, or as I’m hearing lately, it’s now the fashionable in thing for writers to do to drop the F- bomb. Seriously, I didn't drop that F-bomb until the reviewer said, "So let's see what the rest of the world think of your writing, shall we?"  Then tweets the world. Hello? Really? Didn't I just say to him, please, let's go private and let us speak by e-mail?

So, it's time to get your facts right- read on!

It all boils down to communicating in the end, that's getting lost amidst the fast pace of social internet.

The issue was never about a bad review, or spelling, it was about a format matter, but for some reason got blown out of perspective and what really happened just got twisted. Then I brought up how some thought it was well written, and basically just wanted his viewpoint further. While I'm talking oranges, the reviewer was talking apples. And then the reviewer  tweeting our conversation; and well, rightly so, it made me feel I was being attacked. So I said F*** Now go and blog about that! Reviewers are not suppose to tweet the world, are they? All I was asking was a conversation via e-mail. I was almost begging the guy to please hear what I was saying and lets have a conversation about all this in private. We just were not on the same page. I didn't know who I was dealing with as a person. Not only that, his profile picture was of a dog for so very long. Its only been recently he has put his face up. That's why I was saying, "who are you?" At the time, there was still this air of anonoymity.

And looking back, where were all the lovely people online offering to help in a friendly manner with a few spelling and grammar mistake's?

Since then and then, I’m sure many of you are wondering, so, I’m going to put this up for you to gather what you will from it, and then I’m moving on from this subject.

 There are a few things I need to say first, concerning my mishap with Big Al, and what propelled in that moment in time. But really, it was all a misunderstanding on both our parts, I would say. And yes, I was wet behind the ears as a newbie writer who was just learning the tech world of blogging, and FB.  Twitter, well, I hadn’t got that far yet. Anyways, I am a slow e-mail kind of girl, and have been accustomed to conversing with everyone I deal with politely via e-mail. I would also like to say, I know I'm not the greatest at grammar, but really, all along I was just talking about the format. When I was saying, my writing has no flaws in it... really, as hard as this must be to believe, I was still focused on format. So you see, how much things can get misconstrued? I felt he wasn't listening to me or picking up on my wave-lengh.  (That is what is so dangerous about the internet.  Gosh, I can have that not hearing me carry on with those closest to me offline in everday matters when they are stressed out, let alone online.)

There was however, one e-mail that Al, the reviewer from BooksandPals sent me, that came before all this hit the blog. Now remember, I am still thinking his been reading from the wrong format script, and I sent him an e-mail to remove the review until he read the correct format version. Al replied to my e-mail saying:
 “I have given my review, and I’m not going to take it down. Move on to your next novel.”

...even his tone to me felt harsh.
And then I thought, “What’s he talking about, move on to my next novel, what about this novel?”
I e-mailed back, “but I intend to promote The Greek Seaman.”

no reply.
              And yes, I did feel like a chick that had just hatched. He was talking apples, and I was talking oranges again.
      Any ways, I got no replies thereafter from Al. I felt he left me hanging, when I really needed more feedback about the format. Is that it? I thought; move on to my next novel? Now if he said, correct  your grammar or spelling to TGS, or get another copy editor to look at it, that would have been acceptable, and if it remained via e-mail (private), that would have been the end to it.  I would have said, my thank you for his output. Then without more feedback from Al, I was confused by the three reviews that had just come in, where two reviewers had said it was well written and gave me five stars. I needed more feedback.

     So, all I was trying to do from this point on, was to get Big Al's attention, seeing he was ignoring me, and that's when I posted my five stars reviews on his blog.

     I had spent over a thousand dollars on proofreading, and copy editing The Greek Seaman. Al telling me to move on to my next novel didn’t help at all. It sent me over the edge. I didn’t care about the two stars really, well maybe some, but it wasn’t about stars at that time. It became these two pointers.
In my mind, I felt he had read the wrong format copy, due to his review   mentioning the word click a few times, and well that is what set me off. You see, I had some previous issues on formats, meaning, I had to correct the click- to next page issue in the ebook on Amazon kindle, and Smashwords. Well, I fixed it, and sent out another copy of the free e-book the very next day, while it was on a free e-book promo and re-announced it to the world (everyone who had picked it up).  I was also undergoing some various major pressures, while this was all going on you should all consider for what its worth. On top of this, which I might explain some day.

 So, I’m still wet behind the ears. Just because I had a blog up and joined  FB for a few months doesn’t mean I know it all, I’m still a newbie writer learning the ropes online.
  Al, I came to realize was a newbie reviewer, but who was use to lots of open attention via an Amazon forum which is not my scene, due to my reserved hermit manner. And well, he likes operating via twitter etc., I don’t. (At the time I didn't know about Twitter or what it really was all about). And so now I came to realize after reading some other reviews on his blog, he had given some author five stars in spite of the grammar and spelling mistakes that he had presumed were corrected since. Again I was wet behind the ears about the ARC copy in publishing. So now I’m thinking, how does he know the author corrected the grammar, do they talk via twitter? So I’m thinking his talking to some authors he reviews via twitter. His not talking to authors like me via e-mail, I’m living in the stone-age tech world. Well that pushed another button. I imagined all these little pups around his feet begging for twitter attention.

Should reviewers be allowed to twitter authors they review in this way? It appears the line has been crossed on both sides.

"Can we go e-mail please with all this?" I said.

I guess that's a no... All I was trying to do , was get his attention in his happy busy tweet hitting world.

When I said, 'my writing is fine,' I was just saying, no were not talking about the writing, were talking about formats.  My writing is fine! So, everything I said from there on just got twisted.
 what happened next was at the blog, and you all read that, but what sent me ballistic was the fact Al, the reviewer decided to throw up snippets of my book online, without my permission. When I asked to go e-mail with our talk, he said, “well lets see what the rest of the world thinks of your book shall we, and let them decide about your grammar shall we?” So he hits the tweet button, or loudspeaker button for the whole world to hear. I already told him previously to go e-mail with our conversation.

Does this sound like a man who is hearing me?

Besides, I'm talking formats still. And I’m a private person. Oh –no! He just hit another button in me.  Reviewers are not suppose to behave this way. 
So, I’m thinking, Al, thrives and feels comfortable in the lime
-light of forums. He is forgetting this is now blog land, which he has just started up on. As a reviewer, he can’t expect any author is going to appreciate that move. When he hit the loudspeaker, saying, lets see what the world thinks of your writing, shall we?’ and then tweets the world, he has no right to do that, none what so ever!. Oh- yes, that was my going ballistic moment.  --- Yes, so what followed…? Yes I said my first F***

Yes, I know I've repeated myself, but this was the button that triggered off my swearing at him, and this point needed to be explained.
Then red adept enters, another reviewer who Big Al had recently some comradship going on with, and they tweeted away.

Next thing I know, I've gone viral: and that was another word I had to google. There I was, in Forbes and the Guardian, the washington post, etc.,

David Barnett at the Guardian had 111 comments before closing.

Then Jean Hannah Edelstein, at the Guardian, really twisted my words I noticed, when she states, I said, "that my first book is great." I did not say that! She has created her own dialogue here in what she thinks I said. Pure speculation. Overall, it wasn't a bad write up, but then everyone jumps on the band wagon, writing what they think transpired. Really? How stories change by the time it gets down the other end of the street-eh?

Kiri Blakeley at Forbes:  I write about women being buzzed about & what women are buzzing about.

A month later: Wisdom, I would like to say, I’m not a hater of anyone, as I love people too much, and I'm curious about human behaviour. My God forgives me, so I forgive my haters. It doesn’t matter if they don’t feel that way; I at least, in my forgiving, I'm set free.  But it's a pity everyone got the wrong end of the stick, thinking this was all about a review.

Two months later, my viral apology is in the politics section of The Guardian.
Bin Laden is shot dead today, and just underneath that, I read about myself, the author and her viral apology, right under this major news headlines, and then I'm being viewed more than the tsunami that just happened. OOOKAY! Excuse me while I take a step back for a moment! Oh yes, I'm beginning to think the world is now double nuts.  But then doesn't the universe work in mysterious ways.


But speaking of reviews, I just heard of another author who got a bad review in the Times. He said he would hate the reviewer until he dies. He is only giving the reviewer ‘power’ over him, and that kind of hate might even give him cancer, if he doesn’t let that go.
After the swearing, that was intended only at Al, at the time; (so, sorry, if anyone was in the line of that,) I left the blog. I have only returned a visit over there, just a few days ago to look around.
And so, through it all, we have come to learn since, of various other authors who have had some similar mishaps. Some I hear have appeared worse than mine.
Apparently, one well known writer, doesn’t allow anyone to re-edit her work. Spelling mistakes and her grammar have become part of her own uniqueness now, so I read. The way she wishes to express herself, is not to be changed, and is written so in the contract. How much of this is still true today, I don’t know, but I can sure understand it. And doesn't Jack Kerouac explain something like that in one of his essays? At the other end of the spectrum, there was another author who decided to give up his career with writing, as reviewers at Amazon kept attacking his characters in all his books.
Another author this April just exploded with loads of  F- bombs. In some cases it might even sound refreshing to hear writers rant about their frustrations with what is really going on in publishing and self publishing, but getting the word across with the f- bomb, I don’t know. But I must admit, I would probably now read this authors books, now she has been pointed out to me. Her issue was more based on not getting any Amazon reviews I think, after readers buying her books. And I must admit, all authors would like their readers to take a little time to do that! It was also about the pressure of working fourteen hours a day promoting online her books without getting the sales she expected, when she’s killing herself over it. And so, she’s going to keep all her many books more like a hobby, from here forth. Sometimes there’s just so much tedious blogging going on, that real issues have to come to the surface maybe about what’s really going on.

Should writers be able to answer back?

Through all this viral stuff, I had a International radio station who wanted me on- to debate, and one other who wanted to interview me on this concept, how writers have every right to speak up and defend their work, and another with how writers should stick up for writers, and not reviewers, where so many might be sucking up to them in hope to get a better review when its their turn. Well, anyway- this is the latest stuff.

I wonder also if Big Al, will be leary of handing out, after this, so many "two stars."
I have also come to learn, you don’t need to request a review from a reviewer. You can slowly acquire them from Facebook with just readers, just as I was doing before I met Al. Hopefully, some of the readers who bought my book and liked it since I went viral will also post a comment at Amazon at some point, saying how they enjoyed the book, in spite of the negative trolls and graffiti over there. That I would really appreciate!

I have been asked by various reporters, was this a set up? A. No, not by be, but it may well have been from planet 27.
Q. Are bad reviews, good reviews?
A.  Hmm, well my sales went up, and I continue to sell more each day. I was #68 for a short period on Amazon UK, under the category of popular women’s fiction until the graffiti reviews started showing up, then it slipped out of sight again, but sales continue, in spite of the 100 negative 1 star trolls. And that’s why I haven’t taken my book down yet. (Why Amazon doesn’t take the graffiti down, is another story which you can Google,) but there are people out there who actually do this for an hour a day religiously, who go over to Amazon to give out one stars and a bad review. Some are also getting paid to do it, as well as give out five stars to some others. In fact, I hear there’s a very good income to be earned just doing this. And well, in this economy everyone’s game. I never knew any of this stuff until all this happened to me, but apparently its been going on since the early ninety’s.

There will be many more authors in the future, who have just got on the merry go round, who will have no knowledge of all this stuff, just like me, no matter how loud you shout it out online. Writers are usually (authors) living a hermit type life style, and when just arriving online, they are not looking for that kind of info. Maybe there’s another author who is ready to explode. And not everyone is a twitter or FB or blogger. Newcomers will enter wet into the arena behind the ears, just like I was, especially if you write in a hermit type of life style as I do, and then suddenly being active online can be nothing but pressure. And well, it is relatively new, all of this online e-Book stuff for everyone. So much is still experimental.
Anyway, as you all know, since my name and book, The Greek  Seaman went viral, (I didn’t even know what going viral meant). I have received offers from national/international radio shows and offers to speak where movie stars and Nobel- prize authors are heard, and had numerous other interview offers, and a publishing offer. It got major International press coverage such as the Guardian, Forbes, The Washington Post,and various others picked it up, let alone the various author blogs, such as Nathan’s blog, etc., then it became blog meat for everyone else on the planet, which amazingly enough continues to make various kind of blog meat like its some new art form one has discovered, or a new way of thinking all about it. I’ve even had video skits made up from it and coffee mugs. Let alone that special category of loonies and spotty kindergarten lot I call the laughing hyenas. (Sorry, nothing personal). Now I have a file for bad people, and another file for nice people. My blog stats at one point, really peaked with everyone looking in to see what was going on, or be said next.  
I became Zen silent of course, and at times became a spectator to myself, watching the show unfold.  It wasn’t all serious, there were some amusing moments. Human beings after all, are a wonderful intriguing study. There were moments there I thought sheer politics. And yes, I do like philosophy and psychology. It even had some catalyst momentum. And then there are times I am trying to understand-what is all this- really about?

Just some of the notes I have been receiving, I thought I would share here, without naming anyone, and to show amidst it all, how love reigns above all.
o    I would like to read your book
I am totally happy that there are people who believe in their work and capabilities. I hate the word "Professionalism". For me it’s never the world deciding what is correct and what is awful! They will criticize people talking contrary views about laws of gravity but some day they might say Gravity has failed.

With this word "Professionalism" they try to protect these less creative and rule-followers.

Best of luck !!
I agree with you Jacqueline! I loved your book, I think you should pursue legal action immediately.

·         "I just read your review post and I'm so sorry you were baited into that. I haven't read your book yet but I intend to. Keep writing! Find the calm in the storm. I have also had to write during incredibly stressful experiences. Know that other people support your creative endeavors. The internet is seedy. Ignore as much of it as you can."

I have just read that blog thing that’s being passed around about your book.... and all the anal twats that were commenting on the thread and you telling everyone to 'F o'.... well ya know girl I think Good for you but i would of been alot more explicit... and I will be reading your book....    next time 'F O YOU CTS' would be more appropriate.... and trust me I don’t swear that often ! people with nothing to do with their time, bored half wits :))
o    im guessing
You were punk'd as they say by The Regretsy Site .. Well now that you know who it was, I hope it helps to realize you were just one of many that she does this to .. Im not sure what you can do about it ,, but maybe you do .. good luck ! : )
o    Let it pass
I don't know you, but I saw all the internet drama. Let it pass. People love to see someone go down and will gather like wolves. Keep your chin up and move on.
o    people
Hi Jacqueline - I notice that we just "became friends" on facebook yesterday. I was watching the brouhaha on the internet about the Big Al review, and I just wanted to send you some hugs and sympathy.

Please don't let this get you down! People can be so thoughtless.
·         "Love your writing!"
o    Read the book, loved it. I found your story and the style you told it in beautiful, no, that's too light a word. The Greek Seaman was breathtaking. As a fellow
writer, I find you inspiring. Don't listen to Al or any of the people
giving you crap on the books and pals page, you're great. Keep telling
your stories.
  • ·         I find writing and sharing the most difficult thing to do!
Dearest Jacqueline Howett,

I just read your review on BigAl and the bashing that followed.

I just wanted to say that if I was in your situation and had to read all that in the space of a few hours.. I would've felt cornered and defensive too ( not to mention pissed off!!).
I hope you have put the comments behind you and found a sense of contenment in the book that you put so much effort into.

I also want to say that I wish you a prosperous writing future and hope that you don't let the comments of others diminish your obvious passion.

As for your response to the review and subsequent comments. I wish someone who has such a precious talent as you do, handled it with a little more dignity... I don't believe the critic disliked your book.

Then again.. I can't really say much not having been in your shoes at that moment.. maybe you were just having a crappy day.

I'm aware that you didn't call upon my opinion.. just thought I should just let you know that I believe you are talented and should carry forth with the integrity that I'm sure shines through in your writing.
A.     I really appreciate your note. There was actually more to it. There was in fact a beginning, that nobody got wind of that set the tone, which I won't go into here today.
As for the crappy day, yes, I had migraines, earaches and toothaches, but that’s really no excuse. But most of all its working under so much pressure while living in crazy and stressful circumstances.
What made me the most angry was the fact that those criticising you posted comments that were littered with typos - the irony! And actually, the examples given by the reviewer were pretty poor. The first was perfectly fine. The second was missing a full stop and the letter 'd' but that hardly made it difficult to read for any literate person, in my opinion.

Hi Jacqueline,

In my humble opinion this whole mess started when the reviewer wasn't specific about his problems with your text. Perhaps he was used to sweeping statements, assuming others would know what he's talking about and perhaps there isn't enough room in a review to do anything but?!
So let me be specific:
1st on page 13 #11: A participial phrase at the beginning of the sentence must refer to the grammatical subject. (...and there are variations).

Might I recommend re-reviewing Strunk and White, The Elements of Style (and/or others). Specifically page 13. Note #11. (about participial phrases). This is something we all trip over because IMO we pound out a sentence which is pretty clear (but irritates agents, editors, and in this case, a reviewer). I'm always on the look out for these errors in my writing (after being bashed upside my head a few too many times).
"Don and Katy watched hypnotically Gino place more coffees out at another table with supreme balance."

Using S&W agents, editors, and reviewers read that Gina has supreme balance. So, here, I think you can say you did nothing wrong regarding that S&W rule. The reviewer is probably looking at the table having supreme balance, because "another table with supreme balance" has no commas, parenthesis, or em dashes. This thing about commas, is also in S&W page two about parenthetical phrases. Well, I'm reviewing all this now (because I was trying to help you (not that you need help, but don't we all rely on each other) and it's blowing my mind. Commas are swimming up stream and every which way. I'm now worried about a submission I handed in for a contest.

Also, this thing about participials is often referred to as dangling participals and can occur in other parts of the sentence. Yuk. I have to stop now, lest I take the rest of the day to read through S&W again when I should really be writing my next scene. It's always a struggle for me.

Anyway, I wish you luck with your novels.

p.s. "She carried her stocky build carefully back down the stairs." I think the reviewer was referring to the placement of adverbs closer to the verb, but I don't have the time to quote a source here. I like the adverb where it is, because it is more dramatic where you put it, but what do I know. Sometimes I question myself and it's times like this when I know my friends at the critique group will never let me down.

I just visited your blog, and I really liked your graphic artwork.  The plots for your novels show a real flair as well.

I mostly just wanted to wish you well in your creative efforts.

Dear Jacqueline,

I have been hearing about your book "The Greek Seaman" on different places on the internet this week, and as always with the internet (I look at comments on news stories and despair at the cruelty shown to victims - e.g. to a mother whose  child died - she deserved it, wasn't a good mum leaving the child for two minutes, etc, etc )  much of it is unpleasant by people just wanting to dig in the boot for no reason other than they can.  This distresses me very much  - dear Jacqueline, I hope you will rise above it, return to your blog as if nothing had happened and carry on with your head held high as before.
As regards your book - I bought a copy.   In the long run - well, even if it doesn't seem so now,  remember the maxim:  any publicity is good publicity.  For instance, I wouldn't have heard of you or your book otherwise.

In your biography you state you have a Greek mother and have travelled widely - obviously why you were so well qualified to write the book you have written.  Yes, I noticed the occassional odd sentence construction that tells me you are used to other languages - obviously probably
Greek! - and I thought it added to the delight of the story - because yes, I was able to read and enjoy the story fully - and did so.  It was full of great observation and sensitivity and I  loved Katy.   Please continue your writing, and be proud of your great book.

Best Wishes

PS.  And I love your artwork shown on your blog too - you are obviously a very creative person  (often said to be highly strung . . . ;-)

All I can say is, keep your chin up and keep writing your books. You can't change people's minds with comments, but you can win them over with fiction. Keep at it, don't give up. Forget that Al guy and his review. Ignore the negativity, because it will only hurt you if you dwell on it.

I hope this is one of many letters of encouragement you receive. Don't even bother reading the non-encouraging ones!

BTW, I'll be buying your book this afternoon! :)

Sending you a hug
Dear Ms. Howett. I often read Nathan Bransford's blogs and heard about the nasty people attacking your book. I am as yet an unpublished writer, but I will get there. Don't let their insensitivity get to you. You wrote a story. It was your creation and sometimes, people would rather tear down what is created instead of just enjoying.
I haven't had the chance to read your book, but I will as soon as I actually have a moment to myself.
Good luck and keep writing.
hi miss jacqueline!

im thinking you could maybe need a hug so im sending you a big one.


Since then and then, I think we have all learnt a great deal.
I did find it interesting in some other e-mails I received, how many came out of the wood work to gather power unto themselves, or took the opportunity to sell themselves and their own wares. It made me realize how it must be for those with true fame. How they do not know who their true friends are. It most certainly gives you a new perspective on things, at least on how to carry yourself. One must be cautious in their dealings, more so, online. With that said, I do believe I have also met some amazing, true, and loving people through all of this, and from all levels of society.  And I do think that it is a very important factor that must be portrayed. You know, when things are bad, there are some real nice people too, that show up in ones life.
Well gossip surely makes the world turn.
What the face of the internet can be like. What are the rules of the internet showing us? Rules, maybe there are none. Pressured to excel by those around us however, I think is a big one. Only time will tell what the internet now entwined with Twitter and Facebook and linked now on your blog will become, but what did you conclude from all this? Or what do you think should change in the future of the internet?  Yes, maybe it’s too early to tell, but that was an interesting glimpse.
Yes, I have been wet behind the ears. I chose blogging thinking it was a slower and quieter pace. Well, this experience just goes to show how wrong I am. The intercom speaker button can be pressed at any time on our tortoise, slow paced blogs to Twitter, and who knows, viral. And for me, that was some fast training.

My apology in the Guardian

So as I say, if I left it as it was, I thought I might be setting up some kind of trend for the future of the internet, and I didn’t want to be a part of that. So, I thought it necessary to apologize for my swearing and reacting so publicly on a blog, and finally answered back this week, Hugh Muir's Diary, at The Guardian, concerning my regret.

However, with some Googling, I found out that this new F- bomb trend is probably already here.  We can however, all do our part in some small way, to see love reigns, above all.

Now to clear up the editing issue
Yes, my novel TGS was given an outside edit, all except the first three chapters which I admit, I did myself when they became an add on I put in later, so that the book would be closer to 60,000 words. I was thinking I would need another big wad of money again to send it out. Its only recently that I have heard I can have a novel edited quite cheaply.
 I have been living in some diverse circumstances, and I felt I was pressured to get the book published by those around me, saying it was good enough. I wish I didn’t feel that kind of pressure at the time concerning the first three or four chapters. I wished I never listened. Having financial problems, where other immediate bills have to be paid first wasn’t helping. So I couldn’t afford another copy editor at that time, and I still can’t. So, another copy edit will have to wait. But I shall try to do what I can to clean some small commas here and there. The truth is, copy editors don’t always catch it either, and who can afford two or three of those in this economy on one script? Writers- our lives, really!  Any way, the first few reviewers I had from Facebook who read my book, thought it was well written, so I’m not too bothered. Well, it looks like I have arrived on the world stage, saying it as it is. Never thought I would have to be blogging this now. Maybe I should have taken the money from one of these radio offers. As for the publishing offer, I let it pass after considering the contract.
By the way, when I’m blogging, I can be lazy about language. I have seen it even in my books, but I admit I’m pressured-lazy, if it’s just one or two, or five or so items. I basically write my blog in first draft as I go along. Everyone does it.  When I read a comma here and there, or bad spelling in some ones work, I e-mail them very privately, but often it doesn’t bother my reading experience of what some ones trying to convey, unless I think it might be extremely noticeable to others. And it isn’t going to knock down drastically my star rating of a book either.
Who needs to hear in the blog comment section, that they forgot to place a comma here and there?  It’s more to do with what you're saying when it comes to blogs, and I have visited many blogs with errors, so please, accept it as part of the territory here, as no big deal. But if you want to prod me about it, I might just get in the mood to clean some things up a bit, if you say it nicely.
PS. I also wanted to clear up, that Maggie Howlett who left a review at Amazon, is not related to me. She bought my book after a face book promo, saying it was a good read to everyone on Facebook, and money well spent, which was at $2.99 at the time. Now this other Daniel Howett, maybe is related, I really don’t know; I have never met them. My family don't ever go online, they don't know how to use it, and besides they do quite different things with their time, like living in the real world. Boy, it took me long enough just to get the hang of it. Maybe I have a nephew out there.  
So what happens now? We’ll see.

There are so many false reviews going up giving one stars. One actually said, how it doesn't seem I know anything about ships and the sea. Hello? this is my true life story as a Chief officers wife who often went to sea, and who navigated a huge merchant ship when everyone was sea sick through a hurricane. I'm a survivor of a major trauma. It's my autobiography written as a novel. That's like saying to a soldier who served in the war, they know nothing of killing and guns and war. Yeah, there's some nutty stuff going on out there in the review world. Some are quite young kids in their gangs, yeah! Everyone's seeking a little power unto themselves in whatever way they can get it.

You know, personally I think in today's social media world, (which is now another ball game)review request by authors to a reviewer should speak more with eachother via e-mail first. It would stop half of the trouble that's going on presently. 
I would pull the book maybe to rid of the troll/graffiti at Amazon, but its still getting sales. People who are buying my book, and enjoy the book, I would hope they will still visit Amazon, rate me appropriately, and leave a comment. Who knows, maybe they will eventually outweigh the negative ones who have never read my book that have left comments. . Many however, seem to want to stay anonymous at this time. Whatever, but let me say this, all writers like to get reviews posted up for them at Amazon, if you liked their books, that's how they get a higher rating.

Yes, I hope to bring a new edition out of The Greek Seaman, that will give further details to Don and Katy's story at the end. And yes, it will indeed be given another grammar, and a copy edit to satisfy others. This will be announced in time. I don't know if Amazon will pull the low stars for grammar on my book once it's re-edited as a new edition. I think they want a brand new book cover and a new book name to rid of them, so I hear.
What a challenge I have ahead of me. It will take courage, that's for sure! If any good has come of this, it cetainly is making me open up and grow and become more aware of my grammar. Catcha- all later. My best to you all.
Thank you to all of you who have been buying my novel, The Greek Seaman, and have enjoyed it.

P.S. Note: As of 06/28/11 I have decided to remove The Greek Seaman novel from Amazon and Smashwords for a second editor to take a look at it, just as soon as funds permit. Thanks for your patience.

Latest added news. The Greek Seaman is now being proofread by TJ Proofreading, who comes highly recommended. More news about this very soon!

 A year later.   April 2012

Nucking Futs was inspired in part by my misfortunate viral mishap written up in the Guardian.  Now playing at Bats Theatre in NZ, from 12th-21st April 2012. The Play is a comedy about Life and Literature online. With its trademark dark humour, uses Nucking Futs to explore how the internet can feed delusions of grandeur and prey on people's naivety for the amusement of others.

Click on my link to read full reviews and all the tidbit links at one site.

Written by Cherie Jacobson and Alex Lodge
Directed by Ed Watson

New Zealand theatre reviews, performace reviews and performing arts directory

at BATS, Wellington nz  
Until 21 Apr 2012    
Tickets $18.     

Jacqueline Howett

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