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Review in short, Tombstones by Vincent Spada at Goodreads

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TOMBSTONES: Ten Tales from Beyond the Grave by Vincent Spada

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Reviewed by Jacqueline Howett.

Tombstones, ten tales from beyond, by Vincent Spada's. Here's the short on it. Short stories from a walk through the grave yard.

Experiences in graveyards make for great reflected walks and you may even get a few answers from those in their graves. Did you ever wonder about the lives in those graves? Vincent Spada brings them to life. You also become a little more educated with American history from some of ten tombstones that start from the 1670 period and reveals the mentality back then and the civil war, right up through to 1985. But there's a twist to the last grave, but it makes sense of the whole book. Well, it makes you think what others might say about you when you pass on. And there is so much more to this little book when given to reflection. Once you know more about these real life people who once lived, but now in these graves as bones. It makes you think, hmm, and your not so scared any more. Especially when you think about your own family and those closest to you.

I shall try to scan his book cover in later when I get a moment. It is a black and white book cover. You can buy his books at Amazon. Scroll down through my October blog post to see my other review on Vincent Spada's book, One Under The Sun. Or you check out my goodreads page.

Vincent states in his intoduction. "There is a graveyard in the town I live in. It's very old and decrepit, and foliage has crept up on its tenants and turned the grounds into a spooky forest. I sometimes walk along the walls of this cemetery and gaze down upon the names chiseled into the headstones. I wonder; Who were these people? How did they come to their untimely, or timely, demises? perhaps I can shed some light on their darkened pasts."

Vincent Spada's discription sounds just like one where I grew up near to in Wimbledon, London, England called Putney Vale. There is a forest and a pond and a walk down to a wall to the entrance of the graveyard. It is where I buried my mother in 1996 just along the wall.

Funny I should be doing this kind of review today, I really had no intentions. It wasn't in my mind, and I had read this a month or so ago. But last night I had a dream I was going to die the day after tomorrow. Some people - angels came and told me it was time to go. So if I don't post around next week, you know my number was called. I also remember in the dream they wanted to cut my hair just under my ears for some reason before I left and then all I can remember is giving my BF the longest kiss ever. It was so real, this world didn't matter any more.


I have now reviewed all three of Vincent Spada's books. His other two, One under the sun, poetry book, and Said the Kitty to the cat, is a childrens book.

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  1. Kristy Sweetland who blogs under Koda's Totems may do dream interpretation. I'm not sure, though. She does totem readings for donations to her stray dog rescue, so you'd have to ask her to be sure