Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3 of The Greek Seaman, Free eBook - was a wonderful turn out.

Ereader News Today   ENT did a Free promotion today on my Free eBook. Its a wonderful site for Kindle lovers, so please check it out.

 Ereader News Today Here's another free Kindle book for you today. This one is free until February 12th.

Get access to over 1 Million free (and very cheap) Kindle Books here:
Here is the link to ENT's Facebook Page:

It has been a wonderful day for downloads. Near to 400 downloads so far. Many buying the eBook direct from their Kindles so as not to bother going over to Smashwords. Wow! Please consider these one's signed eBook copies. Facebook today has a been a fun day, talking to some ereaders who have downloaded my book,  and at Facebook's Kindle Amazon. I want to say thanks to you all for all the enthusiasm you have shown to read The Greek Seaman novel.


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