Sunday, February 27, 2011

Micro Fiction 100 words

The next take was published in Alien skin magazine before it transformed. On the rare occasion I write in this genre. Micro Fiction is a nice way to explain a lot in a condensed form. Have you written any micro fiction of a 100 words you would like to share? drop me an e-mail and I'll post it up on my blog sometime. If not, hope you enjoyed the read, and have a great day.

Space craft - Copyright Jacquelie Howett 2011
 The Next Take
Micro Fiction

By Jacqueline Howett ©2010

My former lives, melted into a puddle of mercury.
In the next take, came magic.
I went with the flow. I merged comfortably into the new era with pierced body parts and tattoos. But I still tremble, knowing it took black holes of time to my rebirth.
I was crawling around on all fours for a time in my living room, separating myself from my sticky embryo. I became a wild nymph like cave creature, who had entered up through the earth where the sky greeted me as one. I spoke in tongues in the process of being born anew, in my developing metamorphosis, wiping the sticky slime from my eyes.
I touched my new form in the mirror. I was pleased.
As I evolved, I started wearing jeans lower on the hips.
A happiness came I had never known. With my first real freedom, I merged into your world.


  1. I loved this, the juxtaposition of the renewals and the pop culture references.

  2. Thanks Lydia, I liked the clarity of your interpretation. I'm now going to look up the word juxtaposition. What a wonderful word, and although I get the jiff of its meaning, it's not a word I hear often.

  3. I used to write something like this called drabbles. It really gets your brain working. Great job!

  4. Wow, I love this! So emotive and I can really feel my senses working here as I read this!

  5. Hey, Jacqueline! You re-designed your blog. Love the ocean which is appropriate since you are in sunny Florida, right?


  6. This is fascinating and something new for me... I like the 100 word limit as it might be accomplished without too much type-A overthinking... (referring to myself)

    I like it!