Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My interview with Kipp Poe Speicher and other great sightings.

Jacqueline Howett is the author of The Greek Seaman. A seafaring novel, on Kindle and Smashwords.
I'm happy to announce I am being interviewed by Kipp Poe Speicher. Here's the link:   So pop on by and check it out if you like.  Enjoy the read!

For Poetry lovers.

 I am a published poet this month in LSS - Long Story Short Magazine  with a poem titled: THERE'S NO BROKEN HEARTS HERE.
I guess I really should have had this one up for valentines day. Well, at least it is in the month of February. Just one thing, if you go visit over there to read my poem, don't bother to comment at that old contact e-mail, as it has been changed since to my new email which is now: 

I tried contacting them about it, but got no reply.
Jacqueline Howett

The weather  here in Florida, is just so nice right now at 76/80's degrees that I am spending some extra time down on the beach. The whole week is going to be this way and warmer still at the weekend. Quite honestly its just what I needed to really break me away from the computer a little.

Yes, it looks this good!
I have been busy working on another book cover for a short story I hope to have up a little later, and with that I shall keep you posted.

Some interesting tid bits

Check out Beatties book Blog on all the latest Borders news with so many book stores closing.

A Free Book recommendation: This is one I'm reading now.

Book Description
From the luxury of San Francisco's famous hills to the wild freedom of the majestic snow-covered Sierra Mountains, BRIDGE TO HAPPINESS is the intensely dramatic story of one woman's life, the idyllic moments, her humanity, her love, and finally, the difficult road she must walk discover the strong woman she is destined to become. When March Randolph meets Mike Cantrell, she has no idea how her life will change, and how time will change her. For over three decades she and Mike forge a marriage, a family and a business together, helping to make snowboarding into a popular, worldwide winter sport, and raising four strong-willed and independent children into a adulthood, never once fearing the future won't be as golden as their past. In a heartbeat everything changes, and March and her family suffer a tragic change, one that drives a schism into her once perfect life, and will test the bonds of love and family far beyond any definition of recovery. Suddenly March is stuck in the past, unable to move forward, and only if she, alone, finds the strength and will to move on, can any of the Cantrells have a single, glimmer of hope at a new life of happiness. "Bridge To Happiness is a beautiful and poignant exploration of loss, love and unexpected opportunities. This book is for any woman who has ever loved and lost and dared to reach for happiness." Kristin Hannah, New York Times Bestselling Author of Winter Garden.


  1. I was just in Florida and it was chilly and cloudy. I'm jealous of your good weather. Enjoy it!

  2. Thanks Lydia. Sorry to hear you came to Florida on those cloudy days. Yeah it got hot I guess the moment you left.

  3. I don't know why but I missed seeing your poem. I just read it and it was so lovely! I love reading fine poetry.

  4. Got to laugh.... Thats because I just stuck it in there, yeah right! a post thats getting to be two days old now too. Well it seemed to fit so well with the book also here I am reading. love and happiness and love is all you need to get by etc., Glad you loved my poem. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful news. I'll check out that interview.

  6. Lovely poem, just lovely. I have this, wanna dive into the water feeling just now. ;) And the wanna feel the sand between my toes feeling. Nice!

  7. Thanks for popping in and looking at my work. Clarissa and Robyn, I appreciate it.

    Yeah, I just got back from the beach actually, it was nice. I'm just washing out the sand from between my toes now and cooking up a beef barley stew on low heat with carrots, celery, onions, garlic, a dash of oil and vinegar and beef stock then add maybe some potatoes at the end with oregano, paprika and parsley, apper and a small dash of salt. There, you have a recipe in this post if you have some beef.

  8. Hey, Jacqueline! We are so close. We should meet for coffee some time. I'm in Tampa and still waiting for my first beach trip of the year. Should be very soon, once my son gets his casts off. But we're over in Clearwater all the time.

    Thanks for the links! Enjoy the sun! :)

  9. Sorry to hear your son is in a cast. Hasn't it been beautiful weather? Well you never know, we might meet at Starbucks.

    Hi Samantha! thanks for stopping by. Yeah its scary on one leval and yet we should not be in denial of the changing times into teq....Can you imagine what it will be like in ten years?

    By the way, I am interviewing John Watson today as a guest author on my Blog, if you all fancy stopping by.