Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yay! Re-reading and writing with no distractions!

                                              Seriously guys, a writer must write!          

I can only smile:) For the time has come to allow myself to get some re-reading and writing done, on various 'other' works.


   And I leave you all on a special note, The Greek Seaman is now in the hands of an excellent proofreader, T.J. Proofs, who comes highly recommended.

Here's the link to TJ's Blog.

More news about all this, coming soon!


If you need me, just e-mail! 

I wish all you authors lots of luck doing the same, bringing about that balance with not being online so much, when you really should be writing.  How you might achieve this however, I feel is quite a different and unique growth experience for each of us on our journey. Anyways, one thing's for sure, the internet will always be there!                                         

Although I'm still learning the social internet, it almost feels like I've reached some sort of graduation. It's as if one has to keep feeding the beast of curiosity a certain appertite, until with time it is diminished to a degree. After my extensive online presence,  I now hope to add all that I've learned to my own work. So here's a little thank you to all the encouraging e-mails I have recieved, and the posts and comments from my blogger, twitter and facebook friends, for being so helpful in my own amazing process. 



  1. Like opening a new pack of biscuits, I'm focussed if I don't log on (or open the packet), but once I am I get side-tracked by all the lovely websites - I kid myself it's research, because I do end up on newspaper sites and crossword sites.

    I hope the proofreading goes well.

  2. Good luck with the A-Z Challenge. I look forward to your posts. Nice to meet you!

  3. I spend way too much time on Kindle boards. Then again, I do learn a lot there. Good luck with your writing.