Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to get Kindle eBooks on to your computer or laptop or notepad - by Jacqueline Howett.

Jacqueline Howett is the author of The Greek Seaman. A seafaring novel, on Kindle.

While many of us are racing off learning the new ropes of technology on the latest gadgets, and Kindle who is also having some record sales, doing so, the majority of people are still only using computers or laptops, and I’m surprised to find how many still don’t know how to download Kindle books to their computer or laptops or notebooks.

Really, its so great to know you can download all those lovely books to your own library file that Amazon Kindle give’s you for free, and you have lots of books to read for free too to get you started via some links. Let’s not forget, the majority still only own just computers in foreign countries, and probably older models at that. Just bear this in mind, if you have Windows XP then you can have installed on your computer or laptop the Service Pack 2, unless you already have it, but it’s important you have this. And if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will not need it, but you will need 100MB of available space.    
If you have a PC with 500 MHZ intel, or AMD processor or faster and at least 120 MG of RAM, you are all set to go.
As for the screen glare you really have no excuses anymore as the pale pink background is soothing on the eyes, and there is a brightness control. If you have a laptop, its even better, as you just adjust the angle of the screen slightly up or down to your liking.

Getting the Kindle books up and running on your PC or laptop or notebook- which is all still called a PC to the kindle world.
From the Amazon Kindle page you can download the software, then just install with a click of a button. you will need to register first in the blue screen that pops up, so just fill in email and a Amazon password and have a credit card handy. Go to a free book you like, then you just hit the buy button. Don’t be afraid to hit the buy button, okay? It will ask you what gadget you want to download your book with. You hit the PC button, and now you test it out first to see if it is a free eBook. They do give you this option to look first to see if you were charged for downloading. If it said $0 payment, you are okay and you can carry on. And then backspace back to your original page and hit the PC button to download the book to your computer or laptop or notebook. You now have another button option of safety to allow them to download the book to your  Kindle library on your PC. Hit allow. Done, that’s it, now it will show up in your new Kindle library. Your face will smile the moment you see it sitting in your very own book library. You will also receive an e-mail of your $0.00 purchase from Amazon. 
Here is the link to get started and download in one click of a button. 
Here is a link to some free Amazon Kindle eBooks.
Let’s face it; the reading experience beats the iphone with its tiny display and writing. And it really is like having a Kindle. You read as if you were on a Kindle.  Anyway, I hope this helps many of you who are still doing without. Happy reading.


  1. Is the Kindle worth getting? I'll never 'trade in' my old-fashioned analog books, but the portable bookreader does sound convenient.

  2. Thanks for the info. I won an ebook but hadn't bothered to figure out how to download it yet.

  3. Thank you!! I'll bookmark this. I knew I couldn't download a Kindle program for my beloved ancient Windows XP desktop, but I've got a new laptop I'm learning to use. I'm sure I can do this if I follow your directions. Wow! I can read my friends' Kindle books! Awesome.

  4. This is a very informative post. I have the kindle for PC on my computer and I've read a couple of books so far. It's hard to read on a computer screen, but I do it.

    Now, I want to thank you kindly for the wonderful words of encouragement you left on my blog. You have no idea how that boosted my morning. You are greatly appreciated.

  5. Thanks for your comments.

    Now you can download my book, The Greek Seaman. As of today its a Free down load from Smashwords until Saturday the 12th of February. The link is in the side bar. They have all the formats including Kindle (.mobi) so get your free copy on your computers while you can.

    Amazon kindle and Goodreads still needs a few days to adjust their pages, so I will keep you all posted. I shall be announcng also over at Smashwords soon.

    Hanny, no one sais you have to give up your books, but you have an option. I love real books too, but once you make the change you will be happy you did.Funny thing, you can still smell the paper in some strange way. I guess its the first form we have in our head of books we remember, and our childhood and all.

  6. If you downloaded Free yesterday or this morning my novel, The Greek Seaman from Smashwords on to your gadgets, sony etc, or Kindle-(.mobi) or read it online, or to your computer PC, please pick up a fresh copy. There was a font format problem that has now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. I want you to have a comfortable reading experience. I'm glad that is solved...

    You can pick up the links from off my post, I blogged about it today.

    Have a good evening.