Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art appreciation day. It's Cezanne's 172nd Birthday

 Jacqueline Howett is the author of The Greek Seaman. A seafaring novel, on Kindle.
           I hope to have a coffee book of my own art, someday.  

Metamorphosis in red. 16 feet X 12 feet. Oil on canvass. By Jacqueline Howett. Also black/white, or blue/orange.
I have created some mock-up book covers for my art coffee book, but I haven't as yet chosen which art piece will best represent my fine art. It will be a time consuming thing to do, to compile in its entirety. What with editing my novel, Cass and so many other immediate projects at hand. So, for now its on hold, but still, I keep the dream. It is something I have always wanted. Who knows, I might just surprise you all and have it out sooner. For those of you who enjoy looking at art, scroll to the bottom of my blog to view a few more art pieces or click on the links. I am known for my large panels in the 90's, and for my detailed work, and surface art, or throwing paint on to canvass that speaks volumes in another language of color, or with abstract brush strokes where the spirit moves freely until it stops. Here's a direct link to art review where you can view some of my art. Art is usually a place where I go, where no words are needed. Its very liberating.
Swimming out the creases in the canvass, then a real jump in the pool.

My art has appeared in the Art Cellar Exchange, Manhattan Arts International Magazine, Art Now, and the International and New York Gallery Guide. I have appeared in group and solo exhibits such as the Danforth Gallery in Portland, Maine and The Oreno Print Museum, New York.  The Herald Tribune in Biddeford, Maine did a feature article when my work was exhibited at The Saco Museum of Art.  Starbucks gave me a solo exhibit and my artwork is in some major private collections and featured on various art websites, and I have also been known to do installation, performance art.

      Thank you for viewing my art.  Jacqueline Howett.

   Now I think you have seen three of my hats. The author, poet and artist.


  1. You are a Renaissance woman!
    I love the Metamorphosis in red, it's amazing.

  2. What a lovely comment. Thank you Lydia.