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Said The Kitty To The Cat. Review by Jacqueline Howett

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Hi everyone,

When I was offered this wonderful childrens book to review among other books from Vincent Spada, I realized I had not posted this one on my blog, so here it is. I have also placed this review on Vincent Spada's Amazon's buy page, Facebook, and as a follow up to be announced at Goodreads.

Said The Kitty To The Cat
By Vincent Spada and illustrated by Steve Whitlow.

Reviewed By Jacqueline Howett

The soft fluffy white Cat with kitten are so adorable looking you want to cuddle them, snuggling cozy and warm as your imaginary favorite pets. Also plenty there to catch a young childs attention in the magnified images of fish bowls, bird cage in the living room and sofa and the tempting gift box of chocolates where the story evolves around, and mummy's comforting presence returning from shopping makes the child feel safe if mommy isn't always there, and just as it is on the front cover the pictures inside the book are also just as big, if not bigger. The soft shady color in the illustrations is different, yet its what makes this book unique. I know the child in me would make this my favorite book. The catchy rythme throughout the book will make it a wonderful memory to keep forever. A rhyme a child might start singing to when outdoors or feel comforted enough by and fall gently into sleep. This is a five star read and makes a wonderful first book any child would want you to read over and over again or a favorite book a child picks to look at by themselves. It would be nice to see more books compiled like this with this concept of ryhme by Vincent Spada and same kind of gigantic illustration layout by Steve Whitlow.

Its that time of year where I get to try on all my creative hats. I have a few childrens books myself I have been working on in those special moments when I can catch up and get arty. Hope to show them at some point, I'm preparing mine for eBook format, which is an interesting process.

Anyway, kids will love this book. A great book to add to babys wish list. Five stars for this one.

Here's the Amazon Link

Other books by Vincent Spada are Tombstones, Fiction, and a Poetry book titled, One under the sun.

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