Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have been writing Paranormal and didn't know it.

Of late, I have been re-reading through my second and third novel in progress, and have noticed as if for the first time a strong Paranormal element runs through them. The thing is, I am now debating if I should cut these scenes out completely, at least from my second novel.

- Hmm, so much to think about as the second book is more about discovering this power as part of growth amidst fear, where as in my third novel it reveals the awareness of having  and knowing this power, and recognising the power in others with a certain amount of wisdom, so the paranormal seems to be what makes the third book.

I was telling everyone how i was writing about the interaction of angels in human affairs, that enter the body of every day people in the process of one's circumstances, or life story, as well as the opposite- with demons in the human form that creep in and out, let alone various playful muses.  For me, its never been ghosts or vampires. Mine is more an interaction, or rather to the understanding or awareness of our psychic world as humans. I didn't really notice until now, that I was actually able to brand my third novel Paranormal or Paranormal romance, until I began reading various novels in the Paranormal genre. Some Paranormal novels are so out there, or highly exagerated that I didn't want to be among this catogory, but when there is a psychological element- it changes everything.

I must say, it has actually helped in understanding my own process. Its interesting how sometimes it takes a while for the penny to drop about one's own work, and what one is writing or has experienced through life. And for that reason alone, it is why its so important to read from a broad spectrum of writers and genres. Sometimes you have to put your work away for a long while, to know what it is you have written all those years. Anyway, it's nice to have had this finally pointed out to me. Dah! - However, I shall be sure to get a second opinion. Then again, some times it really is about a state of maturing, not only as an author, but as a soul in order to understand the paranormal state.

So what is Paranormal? Here is a link I found online that explains this briefly.

Also see: What is Paranormal romance.  Written by various paranormal writers.

Paranormal romance -wikipedia

Seeing that I'm talking so much about paranormal, here is a free e-book available for a very limited time by Debra L Martin and David W. Small on Amazon. Grab a copy while you can.

Abraham "Ham" Jones, a cripple, and Zia Slate, a tomboy with an attitude, find themselves unlikely partners in this post-apocalyptic tale of survival. It is decades later since the world blew itself apart. Life is harsh, gangs rule the streets, the system cops keep the peace anyway they can. Being a kid in this world isn't easy, being a cripple is about the worst sentence handed down. Being a girl with no protection is only slightly better. 

Ham and Zia's lives are irrevocably changed when they meet a mysterious old man bearing gifts - a cane for Ham and a knife for Zia. But, nothing is as it seems. Everyone wants something and no good deed goes unpunished. Forced into a desperate encounter, they must fight for their lives when it's discovered they now have possession of two of the legendary memory weapons, the very weapons that ultimately destroyed the world.

Note: I have taken The Greek Seaman down from Amazon and Smashwords.
To all those awaiting for the new release of The Greek Seaman, by a second Editor, I'm sorry you have had to wait so long. I hope to have the grammar re-checked soon- when funds allow. As of today, I have taken The Greek Seaman down from Amazon and Smashwords, and posted this also in the side-bar. 

I noticed The Indie Spotlight posted up my interview finally on June 12th with The Greek Seaman novel. However, I gave them this interview way back in March. There is an alternative excerpt from THE GREEK SEAMAN I noticed  posted over there, if you want to see a little more into the novel while at sea click on the link. Anyways, I have decided to also place their logo up in my sidebar.

Lunch on the beach is still fun to do, but the weather is crazy hot right now here in Florida. 95 degrees and humid, so it's not pleasant outside, but there is outside cooling fans that help.

Have a great week.


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  1. Nice post! I just realized I have been writing more sci/fi based books when I thought they were dystopian!