Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just chilling and enjoying life.

Jacqueline Howett is the author of The Greek Seaman. A seafaring novel, on Kindle and Smashwords.

Hi Folks,

I haven't been online for a while, but Life's been good lately here in Florida. I've been hanging out on the beach more, and catching up on swimming and toning up. And it feels good to actually throw a real book into my beach bag. The water is so clear, but you have to dodge the occasional baby three foot sand-shark, stingray, jelly fish and quite a good size crab. Yes, it is the season- as well as Hurricane season, and well, were hoping it will be another quiet year, but we have to be ready to run with a bag and the clothes on our back and get out of dodge. That niggling little feeling at the back of our minds is the price we pay for living down here.

Working on various projects, and taking life one day at a time. 


Enjoy life!


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  1. You look great and made me realize I miss the beach! Hope you will have a quiet year as far as the storms go.